Samsung Lists Replacement Costs For Key Parts Of Its Smartphones

Any new flagship smartphone to stand firm in today’s market, it needs to have all the latest features. From having dual frequency GNSS to every feature added in Bluetooth 5. This availability of features can make smartphones difficult to repair as the number of parts increases. 

More parts mean more potential for breakage. In a move to possibly counter this, Samsung has listed replacement costs for key parts of its smartphones on its website.

The parts – which include the display, motherboard, battery, and back glass – are listed on Samsung India’s website, meaning the prices are in Indian rupees. The company has listed prices for virtually its entire smartphone range, from the flagship Galaxy S-series all the way down to the most basic Galaxy On-series. Prices range from a staggering ₹34,182 (~$494) for a new Galaxy S10+ motherboard to ₹968 (~$14) for new back glass on a Galaxy On7. 

There are some caveats, though. The service seems to be only available to consumers in India at the moment, with no clear indication as to how soon – if at all – the service will become available in other countries. The prices listed are purely the cost of the part itself and do not include the inevitable labor and GST charges. However, the prices listed are the prices for premium color and for maximum internal storage capacity, so people whose devices have less than maximum storage may see a drop in price.

Clearly, the intention here is to give consumers a general idea of the cost of the repair, as opposed to an exact value. It’s a nice idea from Samsung and one that will likely help them out as people will be less likely to turn up to a repair center and be turned away by the cost of the repair, thus shortening queue times.