PM Modi Says ‘This Is About The Nation, Not Politics’ Over Kashmir Move

The government has taken quick decisive steps to deal with some of the most crucial issues facing the country today, said PM Narendra Modi in an interview with a news agency. The statement came over the governemnt’s recent moves on Kashmir and the laws cleared in the first session of parliament as examples of the administration’s resolve.

“In just the first 75 days of our government, a lot has happened. From children’s safety to Chandrayaan-II, from action against corruption to freeing Muslim women from the scourge of Triple Talaq, from Kashmir to Kisan, we have shown what a resolute government with a strong mandate of the people can achieve,” Modi said in the interview with IANS.

The Prime Minister said the progress was made on foundations laid in his first five-year term and now helped by a bigger majority in Lok Sabha.

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“There has been no time wasting, no mulling over things for too long, instead a calibrated plan to execute, implement and take bold decisions, none bigger than the one on Kashmir,” the prime minister said, referring to the unexpected scrapping of the special status to the Jammu and Kashmir region.

The PM also spoke on some moves that have been controversial, such as the medical industry reforms. “When we formed the government in 2014, there were many concerns about the existing system of medical education. Earlier, courts have used strong words for the institution overseeing medical education in India, calling it a ‘den of corruption’… Earlier governments, too, had given a thought to reforming this sector but could not go through with it. We decided to go through with it because this is not a matter that can be taken lightly, as it concerns the health of our people and future of our youth,” he said.

“Our road map is clear — a transparent, accessible and affordable medical education system leading to better healthcare outcomes,” Modi said.