Microsoft Launches Xbox One S All- Digital Edition With Three- Game Bundle

Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. The console is a digital-only variant of the standard Xbox One S. It simply does away with the optical disc slot as more gamers make the transition to downloading games, rather than buying physical discs.

 The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition features the same set of specifications as the standard edition, and does not feature any mid-life performance enhancement to juice out every ounce of sales potential of the Xbox, in the lead-up to Microsoft’s big announcement at the upcoming E3 2019.

Jeff Gatiss, general manager of platform and devices marketing at Microsoft’s Xbox division, stated upon launch, “Consumer appetite for digital content and experiences are stronger today than ever before. Gaming and technology have changed quite a bit since the first Xbox debuted in 2001. During this time, we’ve seen a digital transformation across gaming, music, TV and movies. And closer to home, the success of Xbox Game Pass, which gives members access to over 100 great games, is just another example of how consumers today have grown to expect great digital content.  The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition was created for those who prefer to find and play their games digitally and are looking for the most affordable way to play Xbox games.”

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is literally identical to the One S standard edition, which means that there are no performance enhancements. As a result, while players will still not get 4K gaming (that is reserved for the pricier Xbox One X), the One S is capable of delivering HDR gaming for titles that support it. Xbox also discloses that 4K content can still be streamed through Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other streaming services, which can be accessed through the Xbox’s entertainment platform.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition retains an octa-core custom Jaguar CPU, coupled with a custom GPU that offers up to 1.4 teraflops of gaming performance. Microsoft was quick to note that the One S All-Digital Edition represents the most affordable way of gaming on the Xbox platform as of now, with the digital-only console being priced at $249 (~Rs 17,300). It is $50 lesser than the standard One S, and would represent a highly affordable but fairly competent package, particularly for casual or occasional gamers. With the launch bundle, buyers would also get a three-game bundle, including Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3 and Sea of Thieves.

Microsoft has also stated that the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will be launched globally, and will be available from select retailers (both online and offline) beginning May 7.