Galaxy S10+, Redmi K20 Pro Voted Best H1 2019 Flagship Smartphones

The initial months of 2019 resulted into launch of several flagship devices and great value offerings. Here we have listed the fan favourites of this year’s flagship until now.

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ topped the Best premium flagship of H1 2019 category with a decisive victory. Samsung’s performance was strong across the board, which goes to show that the company has its finger on the pulse of the flagship smartphone market.

The runner-up in this category is the Huawei P30 Pro, which edged out the OnePlus 7 Pro by just a couple of percentage points. The Leica quad camera may be the best on the market, but as a complete package, the Galaxy won out. Huawei’s recent troubles can’t have helped its top dog either.

The Best 5G Flagship of H1 2019 category shows familiar faces. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G wins by an even wider margin ahead of the other offerings. The OnePlus 7 Pro 5G won against the Huawei entry, the Mate 20X 5G.

However, in the best non-premium flagship category, the two Galaxy entries failed to reach the top. Instead, the Redmi K20 Pro emerged as the victor, redeeming Xiaomi (which didn’t perform so hot in the premium segment). The Galaxy S10. does secure a respectable second place, but we want to highlight the third place – the Asus ZenFone 6. Asus has been flying under the radar, but with this model it outshone the likes of the OnePlus 7 and Huawei P30.